My name is Noemi Vasquez and I am the mom of a pre-teen. When it comes to fashion, you will always find infinite options for adults, but  when it comes time for me to shop for my daughter for the same occasions or places I go to, I just can’t seem to find what I am looking for and that will be at the level of how I am going to dress.

I created this blog because I imagine there are other mothers out there looking for the style of clothes I want to buy for my child, beyond the tees and jeans because I go out to places that require a specific type of outfit and unfortunately jeans, tees or leggings just don’t cut it.

Besides, I love seeing kids dressed up, and my daughter likes to look her best also but not all of us have the money to spend on high fashion brands, and considering kids grow at a fast rate which makes it even harder to justify buying expensive clothes. It pains me when I have to take clothes out of the closet because it no longer fits and only had the chance to wear it 3 or 5 times.  Don’t get me started on the shoes, shoes are the worst!

This blog is to post those items I find based on my personal taste and also others may have and make searching for clothes a lot less complicated.

Oh, and from time to time, I’ll post things I find for us moms, that even if we are on a budget we still want to look nice and comfy.

Thanks for visiting!