Back to School – School supplies.

I am not going to write about every single item that “the list” has, instead I’ll mention the items that I think can be useful for others.

Let’s start with the binders. When you see that the school asks for 3 to 5 binders, you know immediately that your child will have to carry too many things at once. Imagine on top of devices, books, pencil case, that they also have to carry 2 or 3 binders at a time, no way.

Thankfully, I found these lightweight binders from mead “Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder“, that are flexible and do not weigh as much as the traditional hardcover binders.

This dual-purpose binder is just that and more. A hybrid of a notebook and binder all wrapped in one to make it easier for the busy student. It not only brings less clutter to your desk but helps you stay organized, too. Just fold the plastic cover over the binder rings to lie flat and it provides a steady surface to takes notes. They come in different sizes 1, 1.5 and 2 inches, different colors and comes with dividers, folders and loose-leaf.

The other item that I totally recommend is a Kipling bookbag. I know, yes they are on the more expensive side but this is why I recommend it.

First, I am not going to buy two books bags in a single school year. Now that the majority of kids are carrying around Ipads or Chromebooks along with everything else those cheap bags tend to break in the seams. Second, I want the devices to be protected and many of those cheaps bags do not have padding. Last and not least, I want a bag not only to last me one school tear, two would be better.

Last year I bought my daughter this Kipling bag, yes, the exact same color. There is also an XL size of this bag.

Not only did the bag survive the school year, being thrown around and living on the floor, it looked new again after washing it. I thought that I would not be able to remove a lot of the dirt, marker and pen stains, but I was pleasantly surprised that I got it to look brand new. The stains just washed off easily after soaking it for an hour and using a brush to scrub off the stains. I just popped it into the dryer and all is good for this school year.

So consider these items for your kids this year, if not, keep them in mind for the next school year and that way you have time to save up for it. Like my father always told me, cheap things end up being more expensive because you always have to buy another one to replace the one that broke. Plus if you have other kids you can hand them down and with time it will end up being less expensive for the family.

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